Sherborne St John FC
Sherborne St John FC
Established in 1981
U13 - SSJ FC
Woolton Hill Argyle U12

Away | 10 April 2016

Match Report

we returned to Woolton Hill with a depleted team and the bare numbers during Easter Holidays. I had a game plan with the committed players I saw this week at training. 4 middlefield players with Mitch and Thomas (both left footed) with a mission to dominate the centre play; Playing Harry and Igor pace down the wings. We had to win the toss and play downhill (Thanks Mitch for listening); lineback held on very well and Gemma showed her talent and pace as a sweeper. we only scored twice but missed 3 goal opportunities; First half should have put the game to bed but it did not completely. Second half saw a more defensive team with Chaz substitution just before half time as a holding CDM. Now counters were uphill with tired legs but we battle well. Ethan R came back in to play but an unwelcome switch with Mitch on the left, really threaten our defense. tired Middlefields were not coming back leaving a big gap and no support. My Tactic was to hold on our 3-1 advantage and not jeopardize 3 points. For the last 5 minutes, Chaz and Archie held defensively in front of Gemma. We played some really good football but personal criticism spoilt the fun and the win. I love Football because it is a collective game and you must ask yourself: What have you done for the team today? have you done enough? Encourage each others and stop criticizing your mates or myself and this will be a good start toward personal improvement. Well do to Gemma for Player of the Match, Gemma is a quiet but efficient member of the team and really work hard. Well deserved Gemma, I think you saved the day several times!

Match Photo's